Cleaning the car is a chore that many vehicle owners dread. Instead of taking time out of your busy schedule to break out the vacuum, soap and sponges, leave your car cleaning to the pros at SS Auto Care. We're a leading provider of auto detailing services in the Bismarck, ND area. If you have a car, truck or van, hire us to do your residential or commercial auto detailing.

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Check out our detailing services

Exceptional auto detailing services are just a phone call away for local residents. We’ll put our professional attention to detail to good use while cleaning your car inside and out.

Let us:

  • Vacuum up the French fries and food crumbs that your kids dropped between the seats
  • Shampoo the interior of your vehicle to get rid of odors from athletic gear and pets
  • Wash the exterior to remove built-up dirt, pollen and squished bugs from your car’s body

We also offer ceramic coating, paint correction, buffing, polishing and touch-up painting services.

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Touchless Engine Bay Wash

We want to make sure we get the grime and grease off your engine, so that it looks good and can help you diagnose future issues your engine may have.

Vacuum and Shampoo

Vacuuming up all those little dust bunnies, lint balls, fries, whatever.... and then shampooing your seats and floor so that they look brand new again!

Door Jamb Cleaning

We make sure to clean the in-between of your car too. We want to keep the rubber clean and sealing the best it can so that your ride can be peaceful.

Window Cleaning

Glass should be something you don't notice, and that's what we're striving for. We want it to be so clean that you hardly notice its there!

Wheel Cleaning

We do in depth wheel and tire cleaning. This is great to make sure it doesn't have some residual mud hanging on to put your wheels out of balance.

Exterior Wash

We make sure to wash off anything on your vehicle. So many things can stain your clear coat, and cause anomalies, so we want to keep your car clean!


Taking our scratches is so awesome to do. We love to help restore the finish back to its former glory, and buffing a car can make a drastic difference.


If your car is in really great shape, sometimes it just need a little "something something" to really make it shine, and polishing is often the answer.

Aluminum Polishing

From motorcycles to semis, we can polish up aluminum to give it an incredible shine. Everyone will need a second look.

Touch-Up Paint

Some scratches and unfortunately too deep for buffing and polishing, so we decided to learn to do touch up paint. Much cheaper than a paint job.

Ceramic Coating

Protection from UV rays, chemicals, and scratching, as well as being easier to clean and having a candy like gloss like none other.

Transparent Warranty

By Glassparency. Transparent provides simple, streamlined protection giving you peace of mind when it comes to taking care of your vehicle.